Where can I download last version of the PCAN-DEVELOPER-KIT

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Where can I download last version of the PCAN-DEVELOPER-KIT

Post by pandolfir » Thu 20. Jan 2011, 11:56

You have different version of the same file (PeakOemDrv.exe) in the http://www.peak-system.com/produktcd/ and in the http://www.peak-system.com/fileadmin/me ... es/usb.zip

The first one is and the second one is

Can I suggest you to implement a simple login for the developers where they can find the last version of the

Thank you.

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Re: Where can I download last version of the PCAN-DEVELOPER-

Post by U.Wilhelm » Thu 20. Jan 2011, 12:03

the PCAN-Developer and PCAN-Evaluation are not free available. Please send your company Information and the serial number of your product to support[at]peak-system.com and we could send you more information how to upgrate your software lisence.
The PeakOemDrv.exe is the Device Driver installation, and does not include any PCAN-Developer or PCAN-Evaluation Software. Only the Device driver and the PCAN-View CAN-Monitor Software will be isnstalled with this setup. I will check why there are two differnet versions online and fix the problem soon as possible.

Thank you for the info!
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