pacn-basic timestamp format

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pacn-basic timestamp format

Post by tuttoaldoc » Fri 3. May 2019, 17:24

I'm using pcan-basic in labview callin pcan-read. I checked in the forum and I did some tests and it seems the 64bit timestamp output for pcan-read is a structure. I found that ... tamp#p7503

so is it a structure like

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int32 millis:
int16 millis_overflow;
int16 micros;
organized I guess as |millis | millis_overlow | micro_msw | micro_lsw| ?
thanks for the support
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Re: pacn-basic timestamp format

Post by K.Wagner » Mon 6. May 2019, 10:50


Yes, you are right.For questions and further information about the KDI driver, please contact Mr. Kunze:
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