Why does my Software xxxx not work...

This forum covers third party software that is for example developed with our APIs
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Why does my Software xxxx not work...

Post by U.Wilhelm » Sat 23. Mar 2013, 17:33

We receive every day E-Mails from customers which ask "does the software XXXXXX from the company YYYYY support your hardware" , or "the Software XXXXXX from the company YYYYYY should work with your Hardware, but i did not get it work".

We do not know all software which run with PEAK-Hardware, but here a small tutorial how to check if the software could work (Windows only).

1. You use only original PEAK-System CAN Hardware (the SerialNr. start with IPEH-)

2. You have installed the latest driver and check that the Hardware works fine.
Check on our WEB Page Support - Download - Packages --> select your Hardware - download - unzip - run PeakOemDrv.exe.
FYI: *** in the latest setup, you could select "PAN-Basic API DLL" when use custome installation option. So the driver setup take care where to place the DLLs on your system ** There is no need to copy the PCAN-Basic API manualy when using this feature. If your Application use the older PCAN-Light DLL, you MUST be copy the files manualy!

3. Start the PCAN-View, which was automaticly installed, and check if your CAN Interface was recognize and work

4. Install the third party Software and try to start it- if it works you are done!
If you use PCAN-Explorer/PCAN-Trace, check in the Control-Panel if the PCAN Hardware is set as default to your used device (ignore this info if you have no PCAN-Hardware Icon in your Control Panel)

5. Download the DLLs from our WEB page which are most used from the Software companys to get work with PEAK CAN Interfaces. On our WEB Page -> Support - Downloads - API - Download the PCAN-Light and the PCAN-Basic API package. Unzip and copy the DLLs to your system. You need to be sure which OS Version you use: 32 or 64 Bit.

See also this Thread

On 32 Bit OS copy the 32Bit DLLs to c:\Windows\System32
On 64 Bit OS copy the 32Bit DLLs to c:\Windows\SysWoW64
On 64 Bit OS copy the 64Bit DLLs to c:\Windows\System32

PCANBasic.DLL --> Support all CAN PC Hardware Types

You have to copy the needed DLL, depending on the Hardware you own:

Double Check the location of the DLLs on a 64Bit OS -this is the most common error -
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