Names of new nets gets truncated

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Names of new nets gets truncated

Post by mc_ramp » Tue 7. Sep 2021, 11:06

Good morning,
I'm testing the sample Delphi project ICConfigureNets and I found that the names of the nets created with it are truncated to the first letter. For example, if I create and save a net named "Test" it appears normally in the list of available nets but, if I restart the program, the name is truncated to "T". The same happens when displaying this net with the Nets Configuration software (in the properties appears a warning label that says "The Net was created by another application at runtime"). Is there a way to fix this ?

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Re: Names of new nets gets truncated

Post by M.Heidemann » Tue 7. Sep 2021, 13:12


Please contact us via support[at] with your
PCAN-developer 4 License-ID.

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