PLIN - wake up

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PLIN - wake up

Post by MStejskal » Mon 28. Nov 2022, 14:16

I'm using PLIN device as master simulator. My intention is to send "wake up" pulse (not whole dummy frame) on demand.

I'm using Python & PLinApi.dll (2022-10-21), (2021-12-14) - latest one. Updated today.

I noticed that there is function "XmtWakeUp", which can do this, but it is required to wait 4 seconds before device recognize "bus sleep" state. This is not very suitable for testing purpose.
Then I noticed function "XmtDynamicWakeUp", which allow to define custom bus timeout, but I'm getting error "An API method is not implemented".

* Do you plan to implement this functionality?
* Is it possible to modify default "bus sleep" timeout?
* Would be possible to define length of "wake up" pulse?

Thank you in advance

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Re: PLIN - wake up

Post by M.Maidhof » Tue 29. Nov 2022, 09:53


to use the wakeup functionality you have to configure the PLIN device in slave mode. Then you could use the LIN_XmtWakeUp() to send a pulse on the LIN lines to wake up a connected LIN master device. The bus sleep timeout is given by the LIN spec and could not be changed, however you can send another wake up each 150ms as defined in the LIN spec. In our LIN devices the wake up impulse is always 5 bits, so to change the length you could simply change the bitrate to have different pulse length.

IMHO for your application, you should better use an own hardware module which is connected to the LIN lines and which sends the needed pulses on your requests.

And yes, the function XmtDynamicWakeUp is not implemented in the current version of the API, so you have to implement the timeout for the wake up by your own.



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