How to control TRC File Format

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How to control TRC File Format

Post by embedded.kyle » Wed 23. Jan 2019, 17:36

I've written a script that will take a .trc file and annotate it based on our custom protocol in order to aid in debugging. I recently received a .trc file from a customer and my script had a hard time parsing it. After looking into it, I noticed that the header was different. Here is the header from the file I received:

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;   C:\Projects\BootloaderError.trc
;   Start time: 1/18/2019 08:43:19.653.0
;   Generated by PCAN-View v4.2.1.533
And here is the header from a typical .trc that I captured:

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;   C:\Users\kyle\Workspace\old.trc
;   Start time: 1/22/2019 11:17:57.272.0
;   Generated by PCAN-View v4.2.0.514
I noticed two things. The FILEVERSION was different as was the PCAN-View version. So I downloaded the latest version of PCAN-View v4.2.1.533 and captured a new .trc. Here is the header from that trace:

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;   C:\Users\kyle\Workspace\new.trc
;   Start time: 1/22/2019 11:18:21.050.0
;   Generated by PCAN-View v4.2.1.533

Digging deeper, I found the PEAK CAN TRC File Format document ( ... Format.pdf) which states that FILEVERSION 1.1 is for PCAN-View 3 and FILEVERSION 2.0 is for PCAN-View 4.

So why is it that when I'm using two separate version of PCAN-View 4 (v4.2.0.514 and v4.2.1.533) I receive .trc files in version 1.1? My customer has been sending me traces for month from PCAN-View v4.2.1.533 and they have always been in FILEVERSION 1.1. What could have changed that they are now being saved in FILEVERSION 2.0? I don't see any way to control this from within PCAN-View. Does it have to do with the driver or the adapter being used? What am I missing here?

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Re: How to control TRC File Format

Post by U.Wilhelm » Thu 24. Jan 2019, 09:52

Version 2.0 support the new CAN-FD Standard - see the changes info in the document

  1. Comment lines prefixed with a semicolon will be ignored while loading Trace file, except $-keywords.
    Columns are separated with blanks.
    One message/warning/error per line.
    Supported protocols: CAN, CAN FD.
Changes compared to Version 1.3:
  1. 1) New $COLUMNS keyword. See ‘Columns’.
    2) CAN FD support.
    3) Separate Type and Direction (Rx/Tx) columns.
Your parser need to read always the header to check the File Version,and then you parse V1.x or V2.x

If your customer use a CAN2.0A/B USB Interface (IPEH-002021/002022 etc.) then the new PCAN-View will create Trace Files based on the V1.1. Only PCIe cards and new USB FD Devices will create the Version 2.x Trace files. Please ask your customer which Hardware he use - for me it looks like he use a PCI based card or a new CAN-FD USB.
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