Drop Down list using VBScript

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Drop Down list using VBScript

Post by Krishna.skt » Mon 4. May 2020, 10:57

I have been working on PCAN Explorer 6 since few months. I was working on my Project but got stuck because of the following Problem.

I have an Array of string and i wanna make a drop down list of those stored string using VBscript Code. I have searched in Internet but found Nothing helpful. I also wanna use Those strings later in my program. So could someone please help me how to make a drop down list form an Array of string and get a specific string value after selecting one Option from the list.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Drop Down list using VBScript

Post by M.Heidemann » Mon 4. May 2020, 11:48

Hello Krishna,

I assume you want to know how to generate a dialog in VBS that includes the dropdown-list.

By default VBS cannot display a proper dropdown list in its dialogs (There are solutions on the web that use input boxes), you may try a different approach.

Also this question is only related to VBS itself and may is misplaced in this forum.

This forum is intended for support requests regarding our APIs, Software and Hardware.

Thank you for understanding.

Best Regards


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