j1939 communication errors when connecting

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j1939 communication errors when connecting

Post by MPTT85 » Tue 19. May 2020, 21:36

Hello everybody

I am using PEAK-USB CAN for datalogging J1939 equipment. Quite often when connecting to machine, Either in P-CAN view, Busmaster or Simulink, i am getting canbus connection errors on the machine i am connecting to. This only happens when i am pressing connect, and a second after the trouble codes are gone. I have no errors on CAN network, and logging is working fine afterwards. Does anyone of you have an idea on how to avoid this issue?

The biggest issue with this, is that sometimes a LOT of controllers are reporting CAN communication errors, and then goes to safemode. Then i have to restart engine again and start all over again.

I am using tool in passive mode. Or so i think. Maybe i have overlooked something.Does anyone of you have some inputs to this problem?


also i am using the right bitrate and have tested with and without CAN-terminator on PEAK-usb can tool. I have two of these tools and problem persists with both. Problem is only happening the second i press connect, and goes away right away. Sometimes when connecting i can hear the engine changes rpm.

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Re: j1939 communication errors when connecting

Post by M.Heidemann » Wed 20. May 2020, 09:36


Thank you for your request.

Please check the following, is Listen-Only active within PCAN-View?:
PCANView-ListenOnly.PNG (34.8 KiB) Viewed 967 times
This would ensure that the PCAN-USB has no interaction with the CAN-BUS besides receiving frames.

Also can you create a trace of this beheaviour and share the trace with us? (Using the PCAN-View Tracer for Example)

Best Regards


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Re: j1939 communication errors when connecting

Post by MPTT85 » Fri 5. Jun 2020, 13:49

Thank you for answer.

Yesterday i had a tractor in workshop capable of j1939 diag. I checked what you asked. When i use your software (PCAN-view) then i do not have any communication errors. With busmaster and simulink i have. Mostly the dtc tells that temp-signal is missing from Engine control unit.
Where do i find additional information for setting up j1939 communication? I see i PCAN view that clock-freq can only be set at 8mhz. In busmaster i can only choose 16mhz. I have attached a picture of PCAN-view settings. Mostly these i am thinking of. Same settings is not possible in busmaster. Does somebody have more information on setting up specially Simulink?
As you asked i have attached a PCAN-view cantrace. There is no error in the system on recording. So not sure if it can be used for anything.

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j1939.PNG (96.69 KiB) Viewed 822 times

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Re: j1939 communication errors when connecting

Post by U.Wilhelm » Fri 5. Jun 2020, 16:42

1.The PCAN-View is a CAN Monitoring Tool that could send and receice CAN Frames - It does nothing know about J1939 or dtc!
For that you need a J1939 Analyzer like Busmaster or our PCAN-Explorer with J1939 AddIn.

2.The clock frequnze is dependung on the module you use. The new CAN-FD Hardware could be swithed between differnet frequenzys to be able to support all CAN-FD Bitrate settings.
The older CAN2.0a/b devices have a fixed frequenzy (8Mhz). Busmaster does only show 16Mhz - which is simply a wrong implementation/bug in the software - the Device use 8Mhz. You could not choose 16Mhz . You see a Text with 16Mhz - but the Device also use 8MHz.

3.For Simulink questions please conatct Mathworks, they support all of our CAN Interfaces in MatLab and Simulink - check their support page.
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