PCan View and assistance to project

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PCan View and assistance to project

Post by pavan7732 » Mon 27. Jul 2020, 12:16


I am masters student and pretty new to CAN communication. I am doing a project battery second life and wanted to log cell pair voltages of standalone Nissan Leaf battery pack into my battery testing equipment Digatron, preferably every 10ms. There is also a provision to send CAN request through battery manager software of my testing equipment as well. I am planning to use PCan-USB in between to record CAN data.

Battery tester: -External Link -> Removed-

Recently, I connected Pcan-USB to adapter that connect to BMS of Leaf and recorded raw CAN trace using Pcan View. All the requests to get battery voltages are send through ID:79b and request are received through ID:7bb. In my case first request is sent and cell pair voltages of cells 1 and 2 are seen on received screen. Additional request to receive remaining cell voltages needs to sent with in 15ms of initial request which is not possible through PCan View.

Is there is a way how I can achieve this i.e sending request with in 15ms? I also wanted to filter messages received and log messages related to cell pair voltages alone.

Can the trace received interpreted into .dbc file? So that I can use it to decode hexadecimal to cell voltage values later while working with battery tester. After looking into the forum I understood I need to develop an API to connect Digatron with battery BMS using PCan development packages.

I would be very happy to receive any suggestions which would help me proceed further. I'm a mechanical student and my knowledge on CAN communication, developing APIs is almost zero. This this is very important to my project as this would help me test cells on whole as battery pack in less time reducing the burden to test each cell which requires 8 hours.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: PCan View and assistance to project

Post by M.Heidemann » Mon 27. Jul 2020, 14:26


To make things a little bit clearer:

We do provide APIs which can be used with our hardware, which enables one to write his/her own software for the communication with the CAN bus, but this requires time, programming skills and knowledge about the CAN protocol itself is highly beneficial. May i propose another solution:

PCAN-Explorer 6 is our professional CAN-software which has an extensive feature set:

You can automate tasks in PCAN-Explorer (such replies to certain messages, triggering traces (logs), etc.) using macros, for which we have plenty of examples in the PCAN-Explorer 6 help and as a download-package.

Also, using the CANdb-AddIn you can import CANdb files and use the signal definitions defined in the CANdb-file. We also have our own symbol-file format which also allows you to define Symbols and signales and make the CAN-data easy to comprehend.

Of course you can also record traces with PCAN-Explorer 6 and even better, if you have a symbol file loaded you can even see the symbolic meaning in your trace file if opened in PCAN-Explorer 6.

If you are new to development and CAN itself i would recommend you give it a consideration.

If you're interested we could issue a 30-day trial version for you, in that case, please contact us with your company(university/college) details and address via email:


If you want to do all of this yourself, you might want to take a look at PCANbasic:


But please bear in mind that this approach requires knowledge on the CAN-protocol, programming skills and time.

Best Regards


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