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PCAN API Java Thread termination

Posted: Tue 28. Jul 2020, 17:31
by DanielHartung

iam working at the moment on a Program that uses the API in Java to access the CAN BUS.

The initialization is no problem because i followed the examples.

The problem is in the Uninitialization.
If i call the function "Uninitialize" of the api i recevie a "PCAN_ERROR_OK" but the Thread that was opened
will be living forever.

So i my programm the user can decide which communication methode he wants to use for a job and if he uses Can
every time a new Thread will be create......

am i doing something wrong?

Kind regards
Daniel Hartung

Re: PCAN API Java Thread termination

Posted: Wed 29. Jul 2020, 11:26
by U.Wilhelm
Could you please send us some more information. Do you use the Windows or Linux implementation ( if Linux which driver Version do you use)
Have you also the problem with the sample we provide ? If not - try to compare it please. If you still have problems, we could also send you some very simple Sample code that you could use as start project if the GUI Example is to overloaded for you.
You also could send us your code and we could check it - support[at]