Transmitting several CAN messages

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Transmitting several CAN messages

Post by j.st95 » Thu 29. Oct 2020, 11:52

I try to send several messages to the bus using CAN_Write. One message is for the interface, which displays a text, the other for an actuator.
If I use the CAN_Write command twice in a row, the interface starts flickering and the messages switch.
Is there a solution using a list for those two messages or how could i solve this?

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Re: Transmitting several CAN messages

Post by M.Heidemann » Thu 29. Oct 2020, 13:29


Thank you for your request.

To further assess the issue, we need the following information:

Which OS do you sue?

Which API do you use?

Which PCAN-OEM driver version do you use?

Best Regards


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