PcanView Error Generator doubts

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PcanView Error Generator doubts

Post by marcoccio » Tue 9. Nov 2021, 17:03

Hello i'm using the Error Generator tab in Pcanview in windows. In the manual it's stated that "The error generator tab can be used to generate Error Frames on a connected CAN bus". Does this means that it is actively listening to the bus when, for example, trying to destroy multiple frames? Or does the error generator only breaks transmitted frames from the interface to the bus?

Finally, does pcanview save the configured parameters in the error configuration tab?

Thank you.
Marcos Peralta.

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Re: PcanView Error Generator doubts

Post by M.Maidhof » Tue 9. Nov 2021, 17:48


yes, you can destroy any tx or rx frame. The error settings could not be stored in PCAN-View.



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