Issues retriving CAN data from Caterpillar 287C

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Issues retriving CAN data from Caterpillar 287C

Post by diego596 » Sat 21. Dec 2019, 23:04

Hi folks,
I have been working on a project where I have to retrieve CAN data from a caterpillar skid.
I have been sucesful in connecting the pcan to the linux computer and through a software made by my department in college I was able to see human readable information from a truck (J1939) and also from a ECU simulator (J1939). The problem comes when I connect it to the skid, nothing shows up on the software. When I connect the caterpillar to the PCAN-VIEW on my windows laptop it retrieves CAN messages but since they are not human readable they are not usful to me.
Caterpillar has a different J1939 pinout but I think I have figuered it out since I have gotten CAN messages on the PCAN-VIEW. However there has to be an issue that I am not seeing in my set up.
I am setting it up in the following way: 3 pins connection on the DEUTCH 9 (CAT), Grd, CAN-, and CAN+. which are pins B, F, and G respectively. From there female pins to an ethernet cable (CAT5e) and it ends on a serial port where CAN- is on pin 2, GRD on 3 and CAN+ on 7. After that tehre is a 120ohm terminator resistor, a gender changer and then the PCAN-USB adaptor.
Do you guys think that terminating the other end of the cable would make any difference? I have only used one terminator on the truck and also on the simulator.
Any advice, suggestion, or expereience that you can share with me will be much appreciated.

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Re: Issues retriving CAN data from Caterpillar 287C

Post by M.Maidhof » Wed 25. Dec 2019, 10:48


which driver do you use in Linux? Do you work with the SocketCAN kernel driver or did you install the peak-linux-driver?

When your receive CAN data with PCAN-View under Windows, the physical connections seems to be ok (cable, termination). If your Linux application is not receiving data, you should first use the standard tools under linux, like candump for SocketCAN or receivetest of the peak-linux-driver package for a test.



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