Use hardware filter without pcan driver

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Use hardware filter without pcan driver

Post by youngtaek » Wed 7. Oct 2020, 05:25


I'm using pcan-usb and pcan-pcie (4ch) on my system.
System's nvidia jetson xavier, with L4T installed.
I want to use pcan devices without additional drivers installed, as SocketCAN device.
AFAIK there's API in driver that sets hardware filter in pcan device, but not sure if there's any available without pcan driver installed.
Is there any way?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Use hardware filter without pcan driver

Post by M.Heidemann » Wed 7. Oct 2020, 08:11


Please see chapter 6.3 of the SocketCAN documentation: ... ng/can.txt

As you can see this would be a feature where one would have to implement their
own solution as there is no "generic" function in SocketCAN to handle this.

We do not maintain the SocketCAN API and therefore cannot provide any support on how this might be implemented.

For further questions feel free to contact me again.

Best Regards


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