Identify PCIe CAN FD device on Linux

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Identify PCIe CAN FD device on Linux

Post by Pawel_G » Wed 3. Mar 2021, 11:20

According to this topic:

I am wondering:
1. Is there any possibility to achieve the same on Linux system?
2. If not, does PCIe CAN FD device have any unique identifier that can be red from, for example, sysfs? / How to identify a device on Linux?

Best regards, Paweł Gmurczyk

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Re: Identify PCIe CAN FD device on Linux

Post by M.Heidemann » Wed 3. Mar 2021, 12:50


Yes, this can also be achieved using our PCAN-Linux driver package under Linux.

In this case the assign parameter is used, which is described in the PCAN-Linux Driver documentation, page 39: ... an_eng.pdf

To set the device ID via pcan-settings (described on page 31), the PCAN-Driver has to be used in CharDev-mode. Once the device has a device-id set the CharDriver can be uninstalled and the NetDev driver can be installed (If SocketCAN support is needed).

An example for the usage is given in this forum post ( example for NetDev, although the same principle applies to Chardev as well, refer to the PCAN Linux documentation to see the specifcs regarding the assign parameter)


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