GC CAN USB not working with OBD2

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GC CAN USB not working with OBD2

Post by avigate » Tue 10. Aug 2021, 19:08

I have GC CAN USB device showing connected in PCAN view and I have connected it to Car obd2 using OBD2 to CAN cable which I have connected to adapter. However its not receiving any data from Car after ignition ON. I checked after connecting OBD2 cable Pin 2 and 7 of the cable shows 86 ohm termination . Kindly help me on this issue

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Re: GC CAN USB not working with OBD2

Post by U.Wilhelm » Wed 11. Aug 2021, 08:33

We do not sell GC CAN USB, and so could not do any support for this Devices.
If you bought a PEAK-System Device from a reseller, simply check the original part number / product name.
Please send real PEAK-System Device Number / Part Number if you want any support.

We also do not offer any OBD-II end user Support - we sell Developer Tools, our customers use our APIs to develop such Tools.

You could try to use our OBD-2 Viewer, a sample project that we offer for validate the functionality of our Software APIs, and try to communicate with the car.
If you still get no CAN Data, please contact the CAR manufacturer for exact information how to unlock the OBD-2 port of this car.
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Technical Support Team

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