PCAN USB Hardware Could Not be Detected On Win10

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PCAN USB Hardware Could Not be Detected On Win10

Post by MTuan » Thu 6. Oct 2022, 18:22

My PCAN USB worked just fine until we had a power glitch yesterday.

The PCAN USB was plugged into my laptop, and the laptop was still running fine after the power glitch. However, the other device was running on the grid power, and it was down for a few seconds during the power glitch.

After the power was recovered, all other devices functioned normally, except the PCAN USB. PCAN-View could not detect any available PCAN hardware, but the red LED on the PCAN USB is still lit up.

The Device Manager of Win10 cannot detect the PCAN USB either.

Is there anything that we can do to recover the PCAN USB?

OS: Win 10 (Tested on Win 7 also same results)
Hardware: PCAN USB IPEH-002021 138509
Connection: plug into USB port

Thanks for your help.

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Re: PCAN USB Hardware Could Not be Detected On Win10

Post by U.Wilhelm » Fri 7. Oct 2022, 09:22

Please try to use the Device on a differnt PC to be sure that it is defect
If the PCAN-USB will still not be recognized by the PC (see Device Manager ) send the unit to our company for repair.
please contact up in front our support team by e-mail support[at]peak-system.com
PEAK-System Technik
Technical Support Team

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