PCAN-miniPCIe not detected in vxWorks 23.09

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PCAN-miniPCIe not detected in vxWorks 23.09

Post by ishaan_tasl » Thu 25. Apr 2024, 09:01

I'm working on a vxWorks 23.09 based system.
I'm using PCAN-miniPCIe module for CAN interfacing. The final system will have 2 PCAN-miniPCIe modules to give me 4 CAN Channels.
In my development setup I've connected only 1 PCAN-miniPCIe module.

When I run the devs command to display list of available devices I get the bellow output for PCAN-miniPCIe CAN devices.

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I've included the SJA1000 driver provided by Wind River in my vxWorks build.

I want to know why is my driver and/or device is not getting detected and what can I do to make the module working with vxWorks.


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Re: PCAN-miniPCIe not detected in vxWorks 23.09

Post by M.Heidemann » Thu 25. Apr 2024, 09:19


We can't give support for VxWorks, sorry.

We have drivers for both Linux and Windows and for
those we can provide support.

If there is a driver for VxWorks, it wasn't written by us.

We are not familiar with VxWorks and how to troubleshoot it,
you may want to contact the VxWorks community regarding this.

Best Regards

Marvin Heidemann
PEAK-Support Team

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