Firmware Downloading over USB

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Firmware Downloading over USB

Post by » Fri 16. Jul 2021, 09:11

I current want to use the PCAN Router FD for an industrial solution for Automotiv Test Bench.
Our current solution is based on LPC1768(NXP) with 2 CAN Simulatiors and an Raspberry(RPI) for graphical HMI interface.
Both Ecus communicates throw serial connection (UART).

We have actually 900 Samples of this setup and we want to replace ECU LPC1768 by the "PCAN router FD"(LPC4078) in order to integrated CAN FD in our network.

Our Current Udapte procedure use the FAT propose in LPC1768 to update this ECU.
For our new design (with PCAN Router FD) we have a problem to update the PCAN FD because the bootloader expect to use CAN1 to download the Firmare and RPI(linux) don't have Transiver CAN (even if we already added a transiver UART<->RS232)

My question : is it possible to have another bootloader that listen the USB interface when downloading the software (via linux solution you proposed) .
My 2nd question : is it possible to update the FlashMemory zone to also initalize/update parameters on PCAN Router FD?

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Re: Firmware Downloading over USB

Post by U.Wilhelm » Fri 16. Jul 2021, 09:59

the PCAN-Router FD also offer a RS232. We will check how to use with a Bootloader from this port.
Please contact us by e-mail - we will then send you more information --> support[at]
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