Device Driver changelog

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Device Driver changelog

Post by eriks » Fri 26. Nov 2021, 09:21


The Device Driver Setup Version History page ( ... .html?&L=1) is indeed exactly what it says: just a log of the version numbers, not very informative to be honest.

I'd to see what has been fixed, improved in the device driver and PCAN-Basic API. But I can only find that kind of info of the PEAK Hardware Control Applet ( ... .html?&L=1).

Is there a place where I can find info of the device driver itself what has been changed/improved?

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Re: Device Driver changelog

Post by K.Wagner » Fri 26. Nov 2021, 09:44


you can find all the information in the Support section of our website.
Histories for all software
Histories for all software
SoftwareInfo.PNG (77.82 KiB) Viewed 498 times
Note that the PEAK-Drviers Setup is just that, an installer for several components. In its log you will see changes reagarding this compilation, mainly version changes of the contained components. Each component of this setup has its own history of changes.

The history of PCAN-Basic can be found under "Support\Software Information\Develoment Packages"
History of changes for PCAN-Basic
History of changes for PCAN-Basic
PCAN-Basic.PNG (151.61 KiB) Viewed 498 times
The history of the current device drivers can be found under "Support\Hardware Information\Drivers\CAN Device Drivers 4.x"
History of change for the device drivers 4.x
History of change for the device drivers 4.x
Drivers.PNG (104.08 KiB) Viewed 498 times
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