Access PCANUSB from Web-browser

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Access PCANUSB from Web-browser

Post by ragkamti » Wed 21. Feb 2018, 13:33

Hello ,

I would like to access the PCAN-USBFD dongle I from cloud/browser.

Do you know of any implementation for the access of the PCAN-USBFD from web-browser like Chrome?


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Re: Access PCANUSB from Web-browser

Post by U.Wilhelm » Fri 23. Feb 2018, 08:53

We do not completly understand what exact you want to do. The CAN-Interfaces all comes with a Simple Monitor Tool (PCAN-View) and with a API (PCAN-Basic API) If you want to visualize some CAN Traffic in a "Browser" you need to write your own WEB Server based Appliaction, running on your own WBEB Server.
But maybe a RDP session is easier...
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