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PCAN-FMS Simulator 2 doesn't respond to requests

Posted: Thu 17. Aug 2017, 21:24
by Rohit
I've been using PCAN-FMS Simulator 2 along with a PCAN-USB device with standard FMS 03.00, Bus-FMS 00.03.
I have simulation set as input and Hardware set as output.

In addition to the broadcast data, I'm also trying to request Vehicle ID, which doesn't seem to be working.
I can see broadcast data from the simulator on my device and see packets from my device making it to the PC using
PCAN-View. But I nothing happens when I send a request for Vehicle ID (18EAFF80#00FEEC)
I don't see the request frame or the response frame in the logs at all.

I have the "Requests supported" and "Diagnostics supported" options checked.
Do I need to something else to be able to request for data instead of waiting for the broadcasts?

Thanks & Regards,

Re: PCAN-FMS Simulator 2 doesn't respond to requests

Posted: Fri 18. Aug 2017, 09:07
by M.Riedl

The PCAN-FMS Simulator uses "Requests supported" and "Diagnostics supported" as simulation data for the CAN messages only.
The software does not answer automatically on a request at the moment.

In terms of the CAN messages for the Vehicle Identification: VI (PGN 0xFEEC).
The PCAN-FMS Simulator send this data every 10 second only.
If the Vehicle ID is up to 8 bytes the PGN 0xFEEC will be used.
If the Vehicle ID contains more then 8 bytes then the TP.CM (PGN 0xEC00) and TP.DT (PGN 0xEB00) will be used.