RP1210 specify adapter

RP1210 Development Package and RP1210 Connectivity to PEAK CAN Interfaces
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RP1210 specify adapter

Post by nathan86 » Fri 13. Mar 2020, 19:13

So when connecting using the rp1210 driver it seems like it just grabs whatever interface that happens to have an rp1210 net set to channel 0 but what if you want to use a different adapter? When I scan for devices using the rp1210 driver it only ever seems to return a single channel as available.

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Re: RP1210 specify adapter

Post by U.Wilhelm » Fri 13. Mar 2020, 21:29

Please see the RP1210.pdf that comes with the product. There you find the Info how to setup RP1210A and RP1210C Devices.
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