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Posted: Fri 23. Oct 2020, 18:58
by bmaharjan
Hello there,

I downloaded PCAN-RP1210 API from the link below:

** link removed - see Support Download **

It mentions that interface DLLs are included with the download but only a header file (PEAK_RP1210.h) with definitions is included after download/install. Could someone please help!



Posted: Sat 24. Oct 2020, 10:43
by U.Wilhelm
Please read the info in th eproduct page:
Since July 2020, the PCAN-RP1210 API is provided free of charge. The API is supplied as a setup package along with documentation and additional software. The DLLs required for using RP1210 software with PC CAN interfaces can be installed with the device driver setup.
Install the latest PEAK-System Driver Package - all needed DLLs and needed Tools will be isntalled.


Posted: Tue 27. Oct 2020, 00:35
by bmaharjan
Thank you so much. Is there any working sample code that uses the API?


Posted: Tue 27. Oct 2020, 09:04
by U.Wilhelm
We do not offer sample code - it is a open standard - you need to get the technical document which include all needed information.
The RP1210 API is an open interface between windowsbased applications and in-vehicle communication networks.
The RP1210 API consists of a number of standardized functions for controlling the communication between the PC software application and the hardware connected to ECUs on the vehicle bus.
This interface offers functionality for bus systems as well as for higher layer protocols. Its areas of use are very diverse and depend on the implemented application.
The RP1210 specification was developed as a “Recommended Engineering and Maintenance Practice” by the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Association (ATA).
Especially in the USA, voluntary conformance to this recommended practice has gained the support of commercial trucking companies, OEMs and suppliers.
(copy from KVaser/Vector Hopme Page)