Can bus turns off

CAN-Interface for PCI Express Mini
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Can bus turns off

Post by backes » Sun 15. Aug 2021, 13:32


We use the PCAN miniPCIe module successfully for a few years. Recently one can line always turns off:

Code: Select all

lspcan -T -t -i -s                                                                                                                                             

dev name        port    bus     %bus    rx      %fifo   tx      %fifo   err
[PCAN-miniPCIe 0]
|_ pcanpci0     CAN1    BUSOFF  -       148889  0.00    233     0.60    215
|_ pcanpci1     CAN2    ACTIVE  -       1645821 0.00    8       0.00    0
We already inspected the wiring and it looks good. The same issue happens with the same pcie module on an identical motherboard. What are possibilities to debug this? Is it possible that the module is faulty?

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Re: Can bus turns off

Post by U.Wilhelm » Mon 16. Aug 2021, 08:48

Please check the CAN Transceiver Voltage first: viewtopic.php?f=120&t=52
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