PCAN-RS-232 Serial and CAN Interrupts

Programmable Converter for RS-232 to CAN
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PCAN-RS-232 Serial and CAN Interrupts

Post by G.Foster » Wed 19. Dec 2018, 11:54

Hello, I am writing a CAN to RS232 convertor using the PEAK example code as a base. Is the serial write function (SER_Write) a blocking function, or does it use interrupts to proceed with the program execution between each character transmission?
Also, is the CAN recieve code interrupt driven?

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Re: PCAN-RS-232 Serial and CAN Interrupts

Post by S.Michaelsen » Thu 20. Dec 2018, 07:19


the both, CAN and UART functions, are interrupt driven and maintain an internal software FIFO. The buffers / sizes of the FIFOs is set in the according initialization functions (SER_UserInit () / CAN_UserInit()). Note that SER_Write() might fail with error SER_ERR_TX_SPACE if there is not enough space left in TX FIFO for the number of bytes that should be transmitted.

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