Demo Firmware Compiling Problems under Win Vista/7

Programmable Converter for RS-232 to CAN
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Demo Firmware Compiling Problems under Win Vista/7

Post by M.Gerber » Thu 3. May 2012, 15:56

Hello PCAN-RS-232 Customers!

If you try to compile the demo firmware for the PCAN-RS-232 under Windows Vista or Windows 7 as described in the user manual, you may run into the problem that on "make all" the process is stopped with an "Error 126" message.

To overcome this, you can update the make tool:
  1. Download the following ZIP package:
    Replacement for make tool in the WinARM package
    (923.49 KiB) Downloaded 658 times
    The corresponding sourcecode is available in the following linked places:
    make 3.82-5, libgcc 4.6.2-1, libiconv 1.14-2, libintl
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file (including subdirectory structure!) into the directory where your WinARM installation resides. This should be C:\ (root directory).

    This replaces the existing make tool with a fairly new one from the MinGW project and adds three needed DLLs.
Note: This is an interim solution and not tested extensively. Please give us feedback if there are still problems with our demo firmware projects. We're planning to replace the outdated WinARM development package by another one.


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