PLIN missing some configuration

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PLIN missing some configuration

Post by juanco » Tue 22. Sep 2020, 02:09

Hi everyone,

I'm using PLIN-API to control an ECU. Everything works correctly if I initiate the session with PLIN-View first and then my script, so I am missing a configuration for sure.
What happens is that I cannot update the bytes in the current schedule for some reason, but I'm able to read all incoming messages.

Whenever I connect to PLIN dongle using PLIN-View it says that it will transfer the Global Frame Table to the hardware, but this doesn't seem to be the problem as I'm setting it correctly.
I also checked if the schedules were set correctly.

Is there like a flow process that I should follow?

Sorry for my silly question, I'm new using LIN and some help would be really great.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: PLIN missing some configuration

Post by M.Riedl » Tue 22. Sep 2020, 14:15


You are welcome.

First, please make sure you use the lastest version of the PLIN-API: ...

And install the lastest LIN device driver:
...I initiate the session with PLIN-View first and then my script...
Do you configure the LIN hardware (e.g. PLIN-Slave or PLIN-USB Pro FD) with the PLIN-View Pro itself and than use PLIN-API functions in your own script to update frame data?
Which script language do you use for that?

How do you try to update the data of the publisher frame?

Please notice:
When a scheduler is running you can use only the PLIN-API function LIN_UpdateByteArray to update data of publisher frames.
LIN-Write will not work in the situation.

For more information about working with LIN master in advanced mode with the PLIN-API, please refer to the PLIN API documentation and the chapter 'Configuration the Hardware', especially 'Programming a LIN Advanced-Master'.

Best regards

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