PLIN API Limitations

The free LIN software API (Application Programming Interface) for Windows® (only for usage with the PCAN-USB Pro CAN/LIN interface)
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PLIN API Limitations

Post by Jason » Tue 20. Jan 2015, 16:27

One of the products I need to communicate via LIN requires a 14 byte message, is the PLIN API able to handle this in some way?

Also, when I attempt to send a frame ID of 172, only the synch and 172 are sent none of the data bytes are sent. The full message is as follows:
Frame ID: 172
Data bytes: 230 3 252 0 64

Any help on either of these is appreciated.

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Re: PLIN API Limitations

Post by M.Maidhof » Wed 21. Jan 2015, 09:51


it is not possible to send 14bytes with a single LIN messsage (max 8bytes per message). All those >8bytes transfers will be handled by multiple messages using a protocol like ISO-TP etc.
So it will be no problem to use our PLIN API to handle such a protocol in your application.

Regarding your LIN ID 172: this is not a valid LIN ID. A LIN ID is between 0x00 and 0x3F, even when interpreting this 172 as a PID, it is not a valid PID for LIN.

Please contact the manufacturer of your LIN system and ask for a LDF file, to get more information about the used system

best regards


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