I hava a question lin communication

The free LIN software API (Application Programming Interface) for Windows® (only for usage with the PCAN-USB Pro CAN/LIN interface)
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I hava a question lin communication

Post by linbeginner » Wed 14. Jun 2017, 02:18

I organized my project as follows.
First, connect the computer to the PCan-USB Pro FD, and then connect the actuator to the PCan-USB Pro FD to perform the lin communication. Finally, when the command is transmitted to the program, the actuator is configured to move.
I am wondering if this configuration can be implemented as I intended.

There is one more question. I am wondering if there is a difference between creating a schedule using PLinApi and creating a schedule with direct delay.

Finally, can you describe in detail the functions that make up the schedule table of PLinApi?

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Re: I hava a question lin communication

Post by U.Wilhelm » Wed 14. Jun 2017, 17:40

Before you starting to build your own application, first get your LIN Slave work with the PEAK-System PCAN-LIN View Pro. This is necessarry so that you understand how the LIN communication with your slave module work.
If you get it work with this Software, you could try to start writing a own Tool with the PLIN API. The sample code we provide and the Online Help will answer your questions how to setup a communication, run Sheduler etc.
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