PLIN Api phisical layer access

The free LIN software API (Application Programming Interface) for Windows® (only for usage with the PCAN-USB Pro CAN/LIN interface)
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PLIN Api phisical layer access

Post by Alessandro » Tue 5. Mar 2019, 18:33

Dear all
we developed a system where LIN bus is used in 2 ways:
- as the standard LIN protocol
- as a phisical layer emulating an half duplex serial interface.
The two working conditions are ofcourse mutually exclusive, but it was an efficient way to get rid of an extra connection in the system, having already the wired bus.

Now, in order to use your PLIN hardware we wuold like to ask:
is it possible to have a low level Read/Write api, being able to write and read an arbitrary amount of data, simply using the phisical layer of the LIN bus?
Another solution may be to be able to configure the PLIN-USB not as a LIN channel, but as a windows serial interface. Ofcourse this configuration will not be compatible with the LIN protocol, but will allow another useful way to use the phisical layer, if necessary.


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Re: PLIN Api phisical layer access

Post by P.Steil » Wed 6. Mar 2019, 11:32


sorry for that, but low-level access to the LIN bus is not possible at that time.
Also a virtual COM port mode is not available too.

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