Lost WLAN Network key

CAN to WLAN Gateway in DIN Rail Plastic Casing
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Lost WLAN Network key

Post by tjak345 » Tue 16. Jul 2019, 10:33

Hi there,
we use the PCAN-Wireless Gateways to bridge the CAN communication over wireless. Now we are going to extent our setup, but we have lost our WLAN network key. Obviously we can reset all devices and reconfigure the setup. But this will result in a lot of work which i would like to prevent.
Is it possible to get the configured network key for example through the RS232 or CAN interface? Is there any other development interface which we can use?

A lot of thanks in advance.

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Re: Lost WLAN Network key

Post by U.Wilhelm » Tue 16. Jul 2019, 14:54

Sorry - this is for security reason not possible!
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