CAN Buffer inside Router DR

Universal CAN Converter in DIN Rail Plastic Casing
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CAN Buffer inside Router DR

Post by Volgmann » Tue 5. Nov 2019, 21:57

We are using Router DR in combination with the PC Driver.
We have observed that the CAN_ERR_QXMTFULL error of the API is not related to the physical drop of a frame on the physical canbus. Is there a way to get a real status of the TX buffer ?
Who many elements are bufferd inside the unit on TX side to CAN ?
Is there a way to infuence this setting?

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Re: CAN Buffer inside Router DR

Post by M.Maidhof » Wed 6. Nov 2019, 14:38


where do you get the CAN_ERR_QXMTFULL error? On the PC side with the PCANBasic API or on the Router DR?

On the PC side, the driver has a RX and TX fifo of 32767 CAN Messages.

On the PCAN-Router the RX/TX queue size is set in can_user.h in line 7-11:

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#define  CAN1_TX_QUEUE_SIZE	8
#define  CAN1_RX_QUEUE_SIZE	16

#define  CAN2_TX_QUEUE_SIZE	8
#define  CAN2_RX_QUEUE_SIZE	16


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