Route CAN messages over WAN

CAN to WLAN Gateways in a plastic housing with a flange
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Route CAN messages over WAN

Post by eugen.berenstein » Thu 22. Apr 2021, 10:56

Hello, we would like to use the gateway to monitor out devices remotely during field tests.
Is it possible to connect a virtual CAN interface to the gateway that is at some remote site and behind a router?
I could not find an explicit statement about this in the documentation.

Thank you

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Re: Route CAN messages over WAN

Post by M.Heidemann » Thu 22. Apr 2021, 11:26


Thank you for your request.

Such a solution is feasible, for example using a VPN.
As long as there is accessibility to the remote network one could potentially
use PCAN-Virtual Gateway to communicate to a remote PCAN-Gateway device on that remote network.
The necessary ports need to be fowarded and the appropiate routes need to be configured
according to the given environment.

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