ISO TP Mapping @ iRS Systems CMM III

A free API for the transfer of data packages according to ISO-TP (ISO 15765-2)
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ISO TP Mapping @ iRS Systems CMM III

Post by C.L.W. » Mon 22. Jan 2018, 16:03

Hallo Zusammen,
wir nutzen die Messkarte von iRS Systems (CMM III).
Die Default CAN IDs sind folgende:
Can ID: 0x1C2
Local Can ID for Iso TP: 0x1c3
Remote Can ID for Iso TP: 0x7FF

Diese passen aber nicht in die Strukturen Source-Addresse und Target-Addresse des Mappings von Peak-Systems....
Haben diese ggfs. nichts mit dem Mapping zu tun ?

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Re: ISO TP Mapping @ iRS Systems CMM III

Post by F.Vergnaud » Mon 22. Jan 2018, 17:01


The ISO-TP standard (v2004 and v2016) uses only 1 byte-sized variables for Source, Target and Remote address.

The values you are mentioning should be used to define the CAN ID and CAN ID Response of the mappings (meaning the source and target address are not provided).

Does the iRS systems provide more information ?
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