Filtering the CAN Response frame.

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Filtering the CAN Response frame.

Post by geethusara » Wed 30. Dec 2020, 10:38


My client application CAN Request & Response IDs for communication with ISO-TP and CANFD support (Python script):
request_id: 7F4,
response_id: 7F5

I am looking for a simple sample to show how to filter the CAN ids. Tried using CANTP_AddFiltering_2016() API but not working.
Is it possible to use a PCAN-USB device for my application to send and receive periodic CAN messages and also communicate with some nodes via ISO-TP at the same time ?

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Re: Filtering the CAN Response frame.

Post by U.Wilhelm » Wed 30. Dec 2020, 14:02

you could use the same HW Handle to send and receive in the same application RAW CAN Frames by using the PCAN-Basic API.
But all Frames you read with PCAN-Basic API are no longer availanle in the High Layer API (like ISO-TP / UDS etc.)
You simply need to know exact what you are want to do - then you coud mix the Layer2 API (PCAN-Basic) with High Layer API in one code.
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