PCUServer: UDS_Initialize() return -2147476480

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PCUServer: UDS_Initialize() return -2147476480

Post by Redin_NA » Wed 26. Feb 2020, 11:46

I try to connect PCUServer and PCUClient. Client send request, but on Server - function UDS_Initialize() return Status -2147476480.
I can't find what is status mean? And what needs to be done so that initialization is successful?

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Re: PCUServer: UDS_Initialize() return -2147476480

Post by F.Vergnaud » Wed 26. Feb 2020, 12:01


Status should be analyzed as hex for ease:
- (uint)-2147476480 is 0x80001c00,
- Flag 0x80000000 means this is a PCAN-Basic API status,

PCUServer initializes a 2nd USB PEAK CAN device: PUDS_USBBUS2 (line 312), whereas PCUClient initializes the 1st USB PEAK CAN device (PUDS_USBBUS1).
Make sure you have two PEAK USB CAN interfaces connected to your PC in order to be able to use these examples.
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