DBC for IPE-00211002021

Programmable Sensor Module with CAN Connection
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DBC for IPE-00211002021

Post by Rajeevnaik9590 » Mon 25. Nov 2019, 09:49

Hello team,
We are having peak-can gps,(IPEH-00211002021) we need to change the bardrate from 500 kbd to 1mbd.
please support us how to proceed.

Rajeev naik

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Re: DBC for IPE-00211002021

Post by M.Heidemann » Mon 25. Nov 2019, 10:37

Hello Rajeev,

You can use another Peak-device (For example a PCAN-USB) to flash the firmware of your PCAN-GPS.

You will need the PCAN-GPS-Package, you can download it here:
http://www.peak-system.com/fileadmin/me ... cangps.zip

For further information on how to use the software included, refer to the documentation for PCAN-GPS , starting from chapter 6.1.

https://www.peak-system.com/produktcd/P ... an_eng.pdf

Included in your download is a folder called "Examples".

In there you will find examples for different uses but also the DeliveryFirmware, you could copy this folder and modify it to your liking.

If all you need is to change the baudrate of the delivery-firmware, you can change the baudrate within /src/can_user.c to one of the baudrates already defined in /inc/can_user.h.

Look for the line:

Code: Select all

CAN_InitChannel(CAN_HW_BUS2, CAN_BAUD_500K);
change it to:

Code: Select all

CAN_InitChannel(CAN_HW_BUS2, CAN_BAUD_1M);
Compile it using the Yagarto Toolchain (Like explained in chapter 6.3 of the documentation) and flash it
to your PCAN-GPS (Like explained in chapter 6.4 in the documentation).

Best Regards


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