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PCAN-GPS Sample Package

Posted: Mon 2. Aug 2021, 10:55
by U.Wilhelm
We have setup a sample package for the PCAN-GPS that shows how to use the Data with PCAN-Explorer 6 and also with a PC Console Software using our PCAN-Basic API.

The Package include:

- PCAN-GPS Firmware based on the Standard Firmware, using 10Hz GPS Data and use the UTS Time second overrun (Hardware PIN on the used GPS Modue) to trigger a ms counter
(will send inside the UTC Time CAN Frame as overrun rolling counter )
- PCAN-Explorer 6 Project Files that support also the new feature
- PC Console Application made with Visual Studio which shows the via CAN Received GPS Information in readable format
- Small Video how it works

Download the package (Source Code and Binary)
(4.5 MiB) Downloaded 187 times
or use this link for the version that incl. the Video Download Link