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NMEA2000 Monitor

Posted: Sun 2. May 2021, 16:43
by jannlo
Hi Forum,

I am working in the field of commercial vehicles and I am a Hobby sailor. From my work I am quite familiär with SAE J1939 and I wonder if the Mini Display could be utilized to Monitor the NMEA2000 Bus.
Any experience or recommendations?
And is a specific connector needed for Raymarine Seatalk?

Looking forward some discussion here :)

Kind regards, Jann

Re: NMEA2000 Monitor

Posted: Mon 3. May 2021, 08:08
by U.Wilhelm
The PCAN-Mini Display do not have any HighLayer Protocol included. You need to know the exact ID, and the Setup of the Databytes to create your signals. (Manual "Appendix D Definition Files Reference" )
It was not build for a fix implementation on a car/truck/boat - see manual - the housing have only an Ingress protection of IP 20.

Re: NMEA2000 Monitor

Posted: Mon 3. May 2021, 09:20
by G.Bohlen

NMEA2000 uses many concepts of J1939, but uses an additional protocol called "FastPacket" for transmission of many signals. This protocol is not supported therefor you could only access signals that are transmitted with a data length of <=8 databytes (single frame messages).

Gunnar Bohlen