I/O Address Range for PCAN-PC/104 in PeliCAN Mode

PC/104 to CAN Interface
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I/O Address Range for PCAN-PC/104 in PeliCAN Mode

Post by RonaldW » Mon 20. Feb 2017, 18:03

According to the documentation, the PCAN-PC/104 uses 32 consecutive I/O addresses for each CAN port.

The board uses the SJA-1000 chip. If this chip is put into PeliCAN mode, it uses 128 I/O addresses instead of 32.

My question is, are those additional addresses accessible? If so, are there any limitations involved in configuring the card in this case?

Also, is there any way to disable one of the CAN ports, so that it doesn't take up any I/O space?

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Re: I/O Address Range for PCAN-PC/104 in PeliCAN Mode

Post by U.Wilhelm » Tue 21. Feb 2017, 08:36

The PCAN-PC/104 uses 32 addresses beginning from the configured base address. The configuration is done on jumper field JP3 for CAN channel 1 and jumper field JP4 for CAN channel 2 (latter refers only to the Dual Channel model).

As you could see in the Description on page 11, the card always use PORT Adresses, so you could not configure a CAN channel in the way that it will not be mapped to a CAN Controller.

For Detail how the CAN Controller will be available via the IO Ports, please take a closer look into our LINUX drivers. All Information is part of this driver. The Pelican Mode do not need more Register - all could be handle with this I/O Address Range.
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