Receiving no messages from CAN Device at the PC

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Receiving no messages from CAN Device at the PC

Post by Gastuser123 » Mon 20. Jan 2020, 15:37

Hello everybody,

I have a PCAN-Ethernet Gateway DR (IP and I want to connect it with my PC, with the Virtual PCAN Gateway (IP over an Ethernet cable.
I connect my CAN-Device (a ball bearing with integrated sensors) with the Channel 1 at the Gateway.

I definied the routes like it is described in the User Manual.

The problem is, that I always get the error, that the route is active, but not connected with the remote side (yellow/orange LED).
I am sure, that I connected my device correctly.

I just want to recieve messages (the sensor values from the ball bearing) , but i don`t get any values in the PCAN Viewer.

I tried different things, like the other channel, UDP instead of TCP, different IP adresses, bit rates, ports etc.

I hope that somebody could help me.
Thannk you and best regards!


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Re: Receiving no messages from CAN Device at the PC

Post by M.Heidemann » Mon 20. Jan 2020, 15:57


Please send us your configuration file (.ini) to support[at] and a detailed description of the setup used. Also make sure that the CAN-bus side of the chain is properly terminated.

Best Regards


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