PCAN-Router FD Conversion Latency

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PCAN-Router FD Conversion Latency

Post by M.Heidemann » Mon 25. May 2020, 11:08


Many of our customers request the conversion times from CAN FD to CAN 2.0 using the PCAN-Router FD.

We have created a trace as reference:

This trace was recorded at 80 Mhz, 500 Kbit/s nominal-bitrate and 4 Mbit/s data-bitrate.

The test was run link this:

A PCAN-USB FD was used to send FD-frames (via PCAN-View), using a T-Adaptor the message was sent to both channel 2 of a PCAN-USB Pro FD and to CAN1 of the PCAN-Router FD.

CAN 2 of the PCAN-Router FD was connected with Channel 1 of the PCAN-USB Pro FD.

We used the firmware example from this forum-post:


The first FD message (0x100h)(DLC = 8) is converted from CAN FD to CAN 2.0 in about ~227 µs

Second FD message (0x200h) (DLC= 64) will be split into 8 CAN 2.0 messages (0x200h - 0x207h) is converted and completely transmitted in about ~2 ms (with about ~233 µs to ~250µs between each CAN 2.0 messages), the first converted message of the eight frames arrives after 233 µs.

CAN FD message (0x100h)(DLC=8) was sent 4 times afterwards with an average of ~228 µs converion times (CAN FD - CAN2.0)

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You can download the trace file here:
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