Importing trc file in Plotter

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Importing trc file in Plotter

Post by appalaraju » Thu 24. Nov 2022, 07:40

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When I import trc files from others in the Plotter, some times I get the error " No signals found". But, it works fine with other trc files.

What are the possible reasons for this ?
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Re: Importing trc file in Plotter

Post by M.Maidhof » Thu 24. Nov 2022, 09:00


typical reasons are:
- no symbol file loaded
- symbol file loaded which does not match to the given data.
- busnumer of the connection does not fit to the busnumber used in the trace



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Re: Importing trc file in Plotter

Post by U.Wilhelm » Thu 24. Nov 2022, 09:01

Looks like a missing Symbol File. Without the correct Symbol File, which include a to the Trace corresponding BUS Number (see connections) it will not work.
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