How To use different Hard-Lock Key Dongles on the same PC

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How To use different Hard-Lock Key Dongles on the same PC

Post by U.Wilhelm » Fri 11. Oct 2019, 12:18

If you own different PCAN-Explorer 6 Hardlock Key licenses with different AddIns, and you want to use on one PC from time to time different versions, you normaly need to uninstall / install the correct License file. We have build a short script that allow to place a shortcut on the Desktop that first copy the correct LIC file and start the PE6 after that. So it is very easy to use as many different HardLock Key Dongle you want, with one installation.

The License File for the PCAN-Explorer Hardlock Key is placed in this directory: c:\ProgramData\PEAK-System\PCAN-Explorer\Licenses\6.0\. The file is called PcanExpl.lic.

1. Create a new Directory --> c:\ProgramData\PEAK-System\PCAN-Explorer\Licenses\6.0\Copy
2. Copy your PCANExpl.Lic files you want to use to this Directory and change their names like that PcanExpl_67xxx.lic (where xxxx is your serial number or any othe info about the lic file).
3. In the c:\ProgramData\PEAK-System\PCAN-Explorer\Licenses\6.0\ directory you should create a file called "copy_PE1.cmd" and add this text to the file using a text editor:

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copy c:\ProgramData\PEAK-System\PCAN-Explorer\Licenses\6.0\Copy\PcanExpl_67xxxx.lic  c:\ProgramData\PEAK-System\PCAN-Explorer\Licenses\6.0\PcanExpl.lic /Y /B /V
start "Start my PE6 #1" "C:\Program Files (x86)\PCAN-Explorer 6\PcanExpl.exe" /MIN
4. Repeat this for every License you want to use - keep in mind to use differnet names for the cmd file!
5. Create a shortcut on your Desktop the each cmd file.

Now you are able to start the PE6 with the LIC file that fit exactly to the Hardlock Key LIC file that you have plugged in.

Attached a sample file that could help to build your own cmd files:
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