Instruments panel export

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Instruments panel export

Post by Nagel » Mon 26. Oct 2020, 09:36

we made an instruments panel for a setup-software for our new hardware.

Is there any way to share this Instruments panel with test-engineers maybe as an .exe? Or is it mandatory that anybody using the panel also has a full explorer + panel license on his PC?

Is there maybe a license for just using the panel without editing?

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Re: Instruments panel export

Post by M.Heidemann » Mon 26. Oct 2020, 11:10


This is not possible.

A Export of the Instruments-Panel as an executable does not exist.

PCAN-Explorer 6 will require the Instruments-Panel AddIn to open Instruments-Panel.

A PCAN-Explorer 6 AddIn can be purchased at any time, although a "restricted" version of the instruments-Panel is not available.

We do offer the PCANBasic API for free, which could be used to write Test-Applications and distribute them among the Team.

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