Transmission rate too slow

6-Channel CAN FD Interface for High-Speed USB 2.0
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Transmission rate too slow

Post by JulianH » Tue 14. Sep 2021, 14:18


we want to create a test bench. The test bench shall simulate the CAN-traffic of an entire car by using a CAN-dump in which the simulated CAN-traffic is received by a microcontroller. Therefore it is important for the microcontroller to receive all CAN frames in the original time intervals. E.g. if the CAN-dump logged ~1500 frames per second, the sender also has to send ~1500 frames per second. Our first approach was to simulate the CAN-traffic using the PCAN-USB x6 in conjunction with Busmaster. However, Busmaster seems to be much too slow (factor 3-4, i.e. only ~500 frames per second).

Is the PCAN-USB x6 even able to transmit frames that fast?
Are my chances for success higher with PCAN-Trace than with Busmaster?

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Re: Transmission rate too slow

Post by M.Heidemann » Tue 14. Sep 2021, 15:03


you already contacted us via email,
please stick to one method of communication.