Data link physical problems on the CAN bus

Mobile Diagnostic Device for CAN and CAN FD Buses
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Data link physical problems on the CAN bus

Post by Filip » Fri 5. Jul 2019, 15:14


which types of physical link errors is this device capable of detecting?

Can it detect:
- problems due CAN bus HF/HV PWM noise
- problems due reflection of the signal due to too long CAN bus branches and/or similar topology errors
- problems due to wrong terminator placement on the CAN bus
- other similar physical CAN bus problems (if this is the case, which ones?)

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Re: Data link physical problems on the CAN bus

Post by U.Wilhelm » Fri 5. Jul 2019, 16:39

It is a scopy - so you see the real physical CAN levels which will be decode in real time and show in the scope diplay with the decoded CAN / CAN FD Bits/Information - also when the CAN Stream is not ACK or not complete!
So all you wrote could be find with the unit if you know how CAN on Layer 2 works. Trmination measurement is also included (while the CAN is running ! withot destroing a Frame)

If you placed in Germany, we could send out on request 20 Day Trial of the Device (only to companies that are known and placed in Germany - no private persons) Contact our support team, or vistit us and we show you how to use the unit. A PDF manual could be download from our Support page, and a "on device" Online Help is also available.
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