Problem with GetAvailableHardware function

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Problem with GetAvailableHardware function

Post by Krishna.skt » Wed 19. May 2021, 12:54

Hello everyone,

I was trying to get the information regarding the currently available hardware by using the library function GetAvailableHardware() in VB but it seems some problem that I do not understand.
Here is my code and error message:

- Removed by Admin -

Error: -Removed by Admin-

But the same function works on my friend's computer with the same version of the necessary drivers and PCAN Developer 4 library. What could be the problem? Any help would be highly appreciated.
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Re: Problem with GetAvailableHardware function

Post by M.Heidemann » Wed 19. May 2021, 13:09


As a first step:

You should check the version of your PCAN-Developer 4 package against
the one which is used by your friend,
the function "GetAvailableHardware" was introduced in version 4.2.0 of PCAN-Devloper 4/PCAN-API 4.

For further support, please contact our support via email, please reference your PCAN-Developer 4 license-ID:


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