CAN_PARAM_AUTOBUSON in case of Error-Passive

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CAN_PARAM_AUTOBUSON in case of Error-Passive

Post by martinmoe » Thu 12. Apr 2018, 08:41


does CAN_PARAM_AUTOBUSON also have an effect when the interface goes error-passive?

I am using CanApi4 Version 4.1.2 (with Driver Version, HW is PCAN-USB X6 with FW 3.2.0)


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Re: CAN_PARAM_AUTOBUSON in case of Error-Passive

Post by K.Wagner » Thu 12. Apr 2018, 08:59


no, CAN_PARAM_AUTOBUSON only takes effect when a device goes BUS-OFF. Here the description of it in the help file:
Configures the driver to automatically set the status of the CAN controller to buson,
after it goes to bus-off.
In order to clear a bus-passive or bus-warning error, you have to call the function CAN_ResetHardware. Check the help file for more information (PCAN-API 4 Documentation, page 51)
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